i am getting my hair done tomorrow, hooray! i have been wanting to try the "ombre" or "dipped ends" trends for a long time
now, unfortunately last time i tried to get it done, i walked out of the salon with worse roots than i went in with. i like the
look a lot, but it as to be done right! i only like it when the ends are lighter so it looks intentional ( i hate roots, especially
paying $200 for them) so now i am slightly apprehensive to try it again, that and the fact that i probably don't have long
enough hair for it to look right, ah so many decisions, my like is so hard.


lul said...

I just did this! But at home. I hope all goes well for ya!

julie digs design said...

i've been wanting to get this done too! I am very apprehensive about it as well, but I love the look.

Linda Bustos said...

oh I hope it wasn't Lorenzo (was that his name) that messed w/ your hair :(

this will look great! the girl at the top left looks a lot like you

Unknown said...

I loved this look too!! I don't think I can pull it off. I have been bored with my hair for so long! I need something new done to it!!!

p.s. I am kind of obsessed with your blog!!

Anonymous said...

haha, I remember the roots. You're right, your 'like' is so hard ;)

SILVIA said...

love your style...is great!!!!
follow u now...
beautiful post

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Fun! I want to do something different to mine...something drastic.

<3, New Follower
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