so this post is kinda late but i just wanted to show you guys this awesome jacket i got for myself over christmas. ok so i will
be honest with you, i am the worst christmas shopper ever because i always end up getting distracted/tempted by things i
see and end up buying just as many things for myself as other people. one of those things was this jacket. i had seen this
sort of tribal/ethnic pattern around a few times and on various blogs and loved the look! the only thing is i couldn't really
find it anywhere....that is until i read the latest edition of nylon magazine (awesome magazine by the way) and found this
BB Dakota jacket inside. i had never heard of the brand BB Dakota but they have lots of cute stuff at a reasonable price too,
i definitely recommend checking there site out. i ended up buying the jacket for a lot less from the site shopbop.com (this
site is amazing for high fashion brands as well as everything in between) i don't usually do outfit posts mainly because i feel
a little silly trying to pose all model like lol that and the fact that i i don't have a tripod and my bf just made fun of me when
i asked him to be the photographer.....needless to say i managed to make it work with the help of my timer and some fancy
foot work.


Anonymous said...

I love the hood! It just snowed today...kindof. more like slushed. totally with I had that hood.

Leens said...

i love the jacket!! adorable! <3

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