Needing A Change

Ok so I am thinking about changing my hair, I am kinda ADD when it comes to my hair & always like to change
it up a bit. I'm thinking something a little more edgy, trendy & slightly undone. Im kinda excited about the
new "Ombre" Highlight trend that's super popular right now, what do you guys think?

ps i just discovered this awesome new blog LLYMLRS the girl has awesome fashion sense!


Becci said...

Abit of a llymlrs fan eh ? :P
I love the undone look, it looks so chic and it's so easy to achieve.
go for the change.


Leens said...

i love your blonde hair ! leave it for a bit. then when your roots grow out you can do the ombre hair :)

Leens said...

ps i changed my blog! take a look



eden said...

yeah just discovered her, i have a small girl crush on her im not gonna lie :) plus i just moved to england so i can finally buy the clothes she blogs about which is exciting!

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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